To enable the safe shipment of pallets please use the following guide

Pallet Specifications

In order to make shipping your palletised freight as simple as possible, we can offer you choice of full, half or quarter Pallets.

Ordering one of these 3 types of pallet will help us provide a quick and clear quotation with a guarantee of no hidden charges or additional costs.

Pallet specifications are shown in the diagram below:

Oversize Pallets

Howard Tenens Pallets will accept oversized pallets to a maximum length of 2.4 metres, on condition the width of the pallet does not exceed 120cm or the height does not exceed 2.2 metres. Please see your tariff for details or call 08712 219 521 for surcharges. Any pallet exceeding the oversized specification will only be carried with prior arrangement.

All goods are carried as per RHA 2002 standards.

There is also the added benefit of increased insurance liability through using TPN members of £5 per kilo.

Pallet Presentation

  • The pallet itself must be stable and safe for the load it will be carrying
  • All items must be secured to the pallet. This can be done using Shrink wrap or banding
  • Products must not overhang the pallet. This could lead to unnecessary product damage
  • Wherever possible, products should be evenly weighted